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Nuu Miso Present: Ichiju Issai (Samourai Brunch), every third Sunday of the month

June 16 @ 11:00 - 14:00

Ichiju Issai is a traditional Japanese meal format, translating to “one soup, one side.” This simple yet balanced meal typically includes a bowl of miso soup (the “one soup”) and a side dish, often accompanied by rice. The philosophy behind Ichiju Issai is rooted in the principles of minimalism and nutritional balance, emphasizing the harmony of flavors and the use of seasonal, local ingredients. This approach to dining not only nourishes the body but also connects one to the rhythm of nature and the cultural heritage of Japanese cuisine.

Ichiju Issai Sundays: A Culinary Journey with Local Miso Mastery

Join us every third Sunday of the month for a unique culinary experience celebrating the simplicity and depth of traditional Japanese cuisine with our event hosted by Nuu Miso, Ichiju Issai Sundays. This event invites you to savor the essence of “one soup, one side” in a mostly vegan format, with vegetarian options available.

The set-up will be a bit different then the tradional Ichiju Issai, where you will be able to compose your three aspects of this culinary event

– Miso Soup: Choose from one of three locally made Misos for dept and flavor, and add the seasonal roasted vegetables to it as you like.
– Tsukemono vegetables: choose out of a variety of short pickled vegetables and flavor makers to spice up your experience
– Rice: Add one of three flavored miso pastes to add to the rice.

Event Details:

When: 16 June
Where: Fermenthings
Time: 11h – 14h
Cost: 18 euro
Reservation: info@nuumiso.be
Experience Includes:

Authentic Miso Soup: Crafted from locally produced miso, offering a rich and umami-packed experience.
Seasonal Vegan Side Dish: A rotating selection of dishes using the freshest, locally-sourced vegetables and ingredients.
Vegetarian Option: For those who desire, add a pickled or slow-cooked egg to your meal for an extra touch of traditional flavor.
Interactive Session: Learn about the history and production of miso from our local expert, including a demonstration on how to make your own miso at home.
Community Connection: Enjoy a shared meal in a communal setting, fostering connections and conversations around food and culture.
This event is perfect for anyone interested in Japanese cuisine, vegan and vegetarian diets, or simply looking for a wholesome and enriching dining experience. Come discover the delicate balance and mindful eating philosophy of Ichiju Issai, and leave with a deeper appreciation for the simplicity and depth of traditional Japanese meals.

Reserve your spot today and be part of a monthly tradition that nourishes both body and soul.




June 16
11:00 - 14:00
Event Category:


Nuu Miso


Rue Dieudonné lefèvre, 4
Bruxelles, Laeken 1020 Belgium
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