In September 2020 we were able to open a new space in BeHere dedicated to fermented food research. Thanks to a funding by the region to create limonades, shoyu & miso with spend grains from beer (releasing in March 2021 hopefully) we could solidify our structure as a small food lab. Our idea is to look into the circularity that fermentation brings to the table. How can we use good bacteria to create new products from things we normally would put to waste. Follow us further in this research & exchange with us if you have any questions or see possibilities for us to explore.

The Fab Lab principal

But that is not the only thing we want to do with our space. Inspired by the principles of FabLabs we want to give access to the tools and logistics we acquired in the last couple of years. Our goal was always to be an explorative space for anything related to preservation and fermentation. Now that we have the lab we want to make sure that we give access to it with the open source principles in mind. If you are interested to partake in this journey, feel free to contact us.

At the moment COOPAINS (a bread bakers cooperative) & Koffie Entre Amis (a barista in training organisation) are occupying parts of the space.