A couple of months ago we got a surprise visit by the great magazine Fooding. By our surprise we got selected as one of the cool spots in town, and we were in fact really happy about it.

In a couple of words they described well the passion and idea we put into our place in way that we ourselves didn’t completely grasped. Our shop follows the same organic trajectory as our ferments. Every piece is added and creates a chaotic feeling, but hides story and dept to it.

I always dreamt that Fermenthings could be a candy store for people with subtle pallets and interest in culinary adventures, and when thinking about it it looks even more as another spot of my youth I loved to hang out in: “de gazettenwinkel” as we call it in Brussels or also known as the newsagent.

The newsagent was a spot where there was too much of everything: too much different magazines, candy, toys, books, dvd’s and information hanging around, but it always felt as a comfortable little cave where I could surrender to my craving of knowing.

At the end Fermenthings is designed in the same way, we’re just filling it with whatever crosses our path, where the only real reason to keep it there is because it means something.You can find our next degustation theme next to some vinegar and between some books written by lovely people from around Europe. In the corner: superb coffees roasted by a truly gentle person. Behind the counter, if you ask, you can taste a shot of our latest vodka or some meads we just love. Maybe there will be jalapeños in the fridge, maybe not, it all depends on the season. On the wall we tell the stories of events we loved, that crossed our path or that are coming. And you can even play some board games if you want. Why? Because we just love them too.

Yes it goes completely into the contrary of the actual minimalistic aesthetic often showed in fancy magazine , but as we said before, the shop just happened as some ferment do: organically.

So come by and discover our shop, get excellent tips by our team, or just come ask how to make any ferment, we are there to share the love of good product while sparking the fire to start your fermentation adventure yourself