After a well deserved break we are back at Fermenthings and ready to jump back in the wonderful world of fermentation. What’s the plan:

SHOP: even more speciality products from our own hands, ferment lab products, new beers, wines and ciders!

B2B: interested to offer some of our products at your restaurant? Get in contact with

BRUNCH: Every first Saturday and Sunday of the month at BEHERE

WORKSHOPS: All the classical workshops are on WECANDOO and our ONE SHOTS are now on our website



For the past 6 years, Fermenthings has been on an incredible journey of exploration and growth. Over the last two years, we’ve immersed ourselves in research and development, delving deep into the fascinating world of circular fermentation. This exploration led us to establish our very own Fermentation Lab – a space of innovation and creativity. We can now call it a temporary home for 7 projects, have a look at what they are up to

A Little EXTRA

BeHere is not only where we have our facilities, but it is also a great venue for events, or because sometimes we find ourself in the middle of nowhere cooking for hungry brewers, we give you here a list of upcoming events that are happening involving the larger team of Fermenthings