International Cider Day 2018

International Cider Day

The International Cider Day 2018 at Fermenthings

To celebrate the International Cider Day, Fermenthings will be open all day long during Sunday for an amazing trip around ciders. We will give you the chance to taste all our ciders (in 15cl) and will provide delicious cheeses platters. To explore further this (brand new) cider’s world, we will host a few professional guests who will speak about their passion and answer your questions. We plan to open 27 different ciders, 9 new products from Latvia, Irland and France! A summer without cider is no summer at all!

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27 different ciders 9 novelties
Guest speaker 1: Cideris
Guest speaker 2: Bulwark
Guest speaker 3: ça brasse pour moi
Food: Cheeses platter from La Fruitière and home-made sourdough bread

20€: 6 tastings, lectures and one cheeses platter
2€ for extra tasting

Our cider producers:

Ça Brasse Pour Moi (Bel)
Domaine J. Cecillon (Fr)
Eric Bordelet (Fr)
Famille Dupont (Fr)
Famille Martin (Fr)
Lefevre (Fr)
Manoir d’Apreval (Fr)
Ramborn (Lux)
Ruwet (Bel)
Sassy (Fr)
Thistly Cross (Sco)
Wignac (Bel / Fr)


Abavas (Lit)
Cider Mill Slane (Irl)
La Galotière (Fr)
Bulwark Cider (Can)



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