It’s the thing we started with, it’s the thing that saved us while in lockdown, and it’s now the last thing we want to let go. Our bottleshop is our own little guilty pleasure we want to share with you. You can find here a wide range of Brussels, Belgian, European Beer Brewers, Natural wines, high-end sakés, Craft Ciders but also our own Kombuchas, Lactoferments, Hot Sauces, and more. We select based on great taste but also great human beings who we met through the years. We don’t follow the hypes, we will not chase white whales: only genuine exchanges and nice moments.

After many years of collaboration, we are proud to say that we have a wide selection from over 40 different breweries from Belgium, and over 10 from all around the world.

For locally-made beers, we regularly work with: En Stoemelings, Brasserie Vandekelder, L’annexe, De Ranke, Brasserie Atrium, Brasserie de la Mule , Cantillon, Heilig Hart Brouwerij , Brasserie du Borinage, Siren Craft Brew, Brasserie ’t Verzet, Nevel Wild Ales, Lervig,Brasserie Surrealiste

Wines and ciders are oftenly sourced by: Vins d’Alsace Rietsch,De Mederie,Sogen,Shichiken,Abavas,Wolf & Fox Brewery,Stonewell Cider, Ramborn Cider