Let US Be your guide

Fermenthings is an open space located in Brussels, dedicated to the craft of fermentation. We have it all: Great Cider, Natural Wine, Craft Beer, Local Meads, Homemade Kombucha, Miso, Hot Sauces, Kimchi, Sauerdough bread, Coffee and more. If it’s fermented we try to cover it.


Open from Wednesday to Sunday, we serve you coffee, sell you kimchi, let you taste some Hot Sauces, give you access to our library or share some tips to do it yourself. Don’t hesitate to come by and share your fermentation stories


interested to offer some of our products at your restaurant? Want to create a unique product tailored for your space?  Get in contact with remi@fermenthings.be and have a look at what is possible


Every first Sunday of the month at BEHERE we offer you a 100% homemade Brunch with a SPECIAL GUEST and additional WORKSHOP! Join us to explore our fermentation research while enjoying ten to fifteen unique dishes and preparations!


All the classical workshops are on WECANDOO and our ONE SHOTS are now on our website. You can learn everything from Vinegar to Kimchi, from sourdough to Kombucha. And if the dates don’t work for you, just send us a little email and we see what is possible


For the past 6 years, Fermenthings has been on an incredible journey of exploration and growth. Over the last two years, we’ve immersed ourselves in research and development, delving deep into the fascinating world of circular fermentation. This exploration led us to establish our very own Fermentation Lab – a space of innovation and creativity. We can now call it a temporary home for 7 projects and 50 individual members. More info about Individual membership


A Little EXTRA

And we don’t stop there, we like to experiment, try new events or explore new territories, so keep up with our socials, stay connected and don’t forget: ferment everything!