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Exploration Brunch at Be-Here

février 4 @ 11:00 - février 5 @ 14:00

Our Exploration Brunch got a bit pimped up for the year 2024:
A monthly journey through our ferment lab in the form of a discovery buffet made out of all our and our partners experimentations.

Our goal at this brunch is to showcase the future of food: locally sourced, zero waste, low carbon impact & easily reproducible. It’s a feast for all the senses and designed to be durable and good for the planet.

And because we are not shying away from fun collabs, we decided that every Brunch at Fermenthings will get the added value of a fun guest: A guest cook, a guest fermentation specialist, a guest producer, … Somebody from the fermentation world that will bring an additional flavour to the Brunch

JANUARI: Koffie.entre.amis – Napolitan Espresso & Italian Sweets


Every month we will tell you the story of the seasons, the techniques used and how you can do it yourself. Grab yourself a ticket and come enjoy a wonderful moment at BeHere with friends and family!

For 29 euro p.p you will get

* A Central warm tray dish
* A Stew / slow cooked dish from around the world
* Locally sourced grain or rice salad
* Two or three dips inspired by our Lab taste makers
* A Cold or Hot soup with the available vegetables of CSA Courjette
* Two Seasonal lacto ferments or preserved vegetables
* A Sourdough Bread with a story from Les Coopains de la Boulangerie or Atelier Du Pain Vivant
* A couple of Zero waste desserts (with the recipe as a gift!)
* Ancestral Jam or Chutney
* Complimentary sauces from our partners like FelFel
* A glass of home fermented limonade: Kombucha, Tepache, Dramaz depending the availability
* A Hot Drink: Coffee, Tea
Dates:  4 February | 3 March | 7 April | 5 May |  2 June
Time 11h – 14h
Place: Be-Here
Pictures by EquinoxLightPhoto


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février 4 @ 11:00
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février 5 @ 14:00
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Rue Diedonné Lefevre 4
1020 Laeken, Bruxelles Belgium
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