Fermenthings is about a place where people passionate about fermentation can meet, create, learn and teach each other.
We are giving extra attention to transmission: Transmitting knowledge to restaurants, producers, and associations. Transmitting tools so new people can develop their products. And finally transmitting our passion and love for sustainable food to the whole city and beyond.
We are a team of talented people who found their passion for fermentation from different backgrounds and perspectives.



                                                                              THE TEAM


My name is Sara Vande Velde. I have a background in food and health science. I studied Molecular Nutrition and Toxicology at Wageningen University, where I did research on the topic of interstitial microbiota. After this technical experience, I let (partly) go of the natural sciences and did my internship at FoodWIN, an NGO that aims to prevent food waste.

After graduating, I wanted more hands-on experience with food. I was an intern at the artisanal sourdough bakery KORST. During these times, my love for craftsmanship, good bread, and locally produced ingredients amplified. Sourdough bread was my first entry into the world of fermentation and still is my favorite fermented food. Grains have been such an essential part of our diet and culture. It is crazy we as a society are losing touch with what they can bring us. Along the way, I got more experience with plant-based cooking. I like working with my hands and creating things. To me, fermenting and cooking are grounding and mindful activities that allow me to express myself.

Next to my activities at Fermenthings, I work for MAGMA, a gastronomical vegetable-forward restaurant. At MAGMA, I grow and ferment koji with the aim to try extracting the most flavor out of every product.
I also write for the Belgian/Dutch food magazine TUMMIE, and have a particular love for Mexico.


Hello, my name is Andi Muggli. In my life before fermentation, I worked in gastronomy for over 15 years. Bars, cafés and even a cinema. All about bringing joy to people. Let them explore and try new things.

My first touching point with fermentation was when I moved from Switzerland – where I’m originally from – to Belgium and started to brew beer. From there I crawled into the rabbit hole that fermentation is. The transformation of simple foods into something completely different with the help of bacteria and yeasts.

For two years now I’ve been at Fermenthings. First as a helping hand and now as a producer. My favorite ferment, so far, is our Curtido. A South American version of the well-known Sauerkraut. Carrots, garlic, onions, coriander, and chillies give this special kraut an irresistible flavor. Next to lactofermentation I give workshops and create tastemakers. Ingredients you don’t want to miss like shoyus or misos. The little kick to accelerate your meal.

If you want to know more about what I do, follow me on Instagram (funky__ferments).

Be curious, be funky.