Hello all,

The shop will seas to exist, but we are working towards its follow up. A couple of weeks ago i send out a survey in which i looked if a collective purchasing group would interest some of you. 26 people answered positive and 14 of them wanted to invest some time. This purchasing group would be based on the GASAP model and be called GASAF:

Groupement d’Achat Solidaire d’Aliments Fermentées  

It would be a monthly gathering where you can pick up your order based on a ever changing list of producers so you can discover a wide range of products. In that same evening we would also organize tasting (something that came out of the survey as well)

I will be having a first meeting to set up the GASAF with the interested people at the beginning of July, you can still join through mail if interested: info@fermenthings.be



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