Ferment Lab Membership


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Ferment Lab Membership

We are rolling out a great way to support our Ferment Lab while offering you a chance to have exclusive access to our products, way of work and courses, events or workshops. 

The idea of the membership is to build a stronger community around Fermentation in Brussels, Belgium and even abroad. We want to be able to give you access to our knowledge, infrastructure and love of fermentation.

For 100 euro a year you will have access to:

* 1 exclusive product right from the ferment lab a month: From our green tomato tamari, dried kimchi flavor powder to 1 year old garlic cheong. Once a month you will receive a treat directly from the lab and access to the recipe and how-to guide. ±50ml/gr for sauces, powders & cheongs, 100gr for lacto & starters, 300ml for drinks
* 1 ticket for a brunch or workshop: This can be redeemed through the whole year and can be used for any event we organize. 
* Be the test audience for upcoming workshops and lectures : Every year we create at least one new workshop, you will be invited to test out the structure of this event. 

* 10% on in shop purchases: Come by at BeHere and have a year long discount on everything available at the shop
* Spontaneous events and surprises: You know us, we like to follow the flow of the moment, and you will be part of that too!
* Tips, tricks & Material guides: let us know if you want to pass by the lab for some more tricks and tips on how to ferment everything. 

So order your Membership card today, or make it a gift for friends and family!

Membership cards can be ready for christmas!