Would you like to book with us a private workshop?

We would be glad to do that for you! Our workshops are either:

InformativeFermenthings offers you a fermentation experience with: a theoretical introductory course, exchange of good practices, and tastings to get you on the right track. Kimchi, Kombucha, Cider, Lactofermentation, Kefir, Miso and more will be explained at a welcoming place for people passionate about good things!

  • includes a tasting of our latest fermentations
  •  for 10-50 people
  • duration: 45min-1h30


Active/physical. Do you want us to show you how to make kombucha on your own? Or how to perfect a sourdough bread? Or even how to make kimchi and hot sauces at home? Here at Fermenthings, we can show you how, from experts of their field.

  • duration:1-3 hours (depending on the workshop type)
  • 6-12 people

For any type of demand, we would be glad if you fill out the following form.

For any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at: info@fermenthings.be


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