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Second batch of the anniversary special beer from En Stoemelings Brewery. Samuel and Denys were previously brewing in the center of Brussels (Marolles) before moving to a bigger production place in Tour & Taxis, beyond the canal. Friends for many years, the duo focus on brewing fresh, not so light and drinkable beers. ‘En stoemelings’ are words from the language of Brussels. It means doing something under the table, in secret. For instance, during the prohibition, guys were brewing beer and distilling ‘en stoemelings.’ Why choose this? We began in a small kitchen within the basement; a big cooler for the beer. When we were bottling, it was in this same basement, in secret. We also began to sell the beers ‘illegally.’ So we were like a submarine, doing this ‘en stoemelings.’ The name remained afterwards. Vogelpik is also a local expression, meaning “darts” (the game) but also “random”.

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