The Noma Guide to Fermentation


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The Noma guide to fermentation is the second book, this time focusing on fermentation, written by the famous René Redzepi (chef and owner of Noma restaurant, Copenhaguen). Elected several times “best restaurant in the world” by the top 50, Noma is bringing nordic cuisine back under the spotlights but also creating a new experimenting era for cooking by allowing chefs to work on fermentation in a dedicated lab!

Dive into the history of this ancient practice and the science behind it. Each chapter starts with an expansive yet easy-to-understand essay on how fermentation has been traditionally used throughout the world, how it came to be at Noma, and how you too can unlock its flavors. This book will walk you through how to use any equipment you might need, even providing a visual guide for building a fermentation chamber at home. Learn how to best utilize simple tools like canning jars, fermentation weights, and pH meters to yield the most accurate and delicious results. Once you’ve mastered making each ferment, put them to use as sauces, marinades, batters, and whatever else you can imagine. Each recipe offers suggestions to get you inspired to start exploring how you can amplify and reinvent your cooking.


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