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Space Cadet is a white beer brewed by Brouwerij ‘t Verzet (Anzegem, Belgium) with a typical lemon taste and cereals. This is a beer to space out with. The soft silky mouthfeel, deriving from the wheat, brings you over to the moon. Next the hop aroma takes you on an intergalactic journey along southern fruitmarkets packed with apricots and figs, beautiful flower fields and ripe orchards. The weightlessness of the alcohol makes that you can poor it in your celestial body with the speed of light without feeling airy in your head.

Will go well with salads, soft cheeses, seafood or fish, mussels, a simple sandwich or some roasted chicken. Pork chops, spicy dishes from India or Thaïland will also make a perfect match! Crispy and lightly sour, Space Cadet is also perfect on its own!

‘t Verzet (meaning in Flemish “the rebellion”) was started few years ago by three young men (Koen, Alex, Jens) crazy about beers. In the small town of Anzegem, they are located near hop fields and can enjoy local productions to serve their creativity. Hand-picking ingredients and experimentations are keywords to understand this fresh brewery and project. Don’t fall into the dark side and join them during festivals, tastings or in our shop!

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