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Without us there at stand still every day we eat fermented food; yogurt and cheese at breakfast, coffee at work, sandwiches at lunch to evening a slice of sausage with a beer for the tube. Everything is ferment. Mr. Wateetons takes you into this wonderful world of voedselveranderende microbes. About rot – smooth and with humor written – is the result of thorough research and describes all facets of the ferment. It is the fermentation manual for the amateur (and professional) and let you see step-by-step how fun, tasty and adventurous it is to get started at home: brewing your own beer, cider, wine, leather Thai fish sauce or prepare Indonesian tempeh, create your own blue cheese for on a slice of sourdough bread and surprise your dining companions with a millennial egg at their fermented tea. Of course Mr. Wateetons teaches you how to with simple means your own fermentation amenities in each other tinkering and lack also the error analyses.

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