De Ranke – Noir de Dottignies (big)


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Noir de Dottignies is a complex, high fermenting dark beer, brewed with 7 different malts which includes chocolate malts and dark-roasted malts. Taste: Solid, dark-roasted malt flavour with a smooth-bitter finish. Brewed by De Ranke brewery: annual production: 5.000 hl (500.000 litres). About 50% export to more than 20 countries and 6 people are employed at the brewery and plans are made to expand production to 10.000 hl/year.

Almost all beers produced at the brewery are high fermentation. This means that fermenting happens at a temperature between +18°C and +30°C. At this temperature more aroma-components are formed, causing a richer flavour and a more complex aroma. In the past, only whole leaf-hops were used in the production of beer to add flavour. As is the case with wine, the grape defines the character of the wine. In beer, the hop variety defines the character. De Ranke only use high-quality, whole-hop flowers for all of our beers. These hops are 100% Belgian and grown in the region around Poperinge. Additionally, they use exorbitant amounts of hop flowers, which results in unmatched complexity and mouthfeel. At the end of the boil, these flowers settle to the bottom of the kettle, naturally filtering out any sediment. Brewery De Ranke uses five hop varieties: Hallertau Mittelfrüh, Brewers Gold, Styrian Goldings, Northern Brewer and Challenger.

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