Mosaic Mammoth


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The Mosaic Mammoth is the great brother of the Mosaic Moustache. The Mammoth is our form of teaching the Dutch market how to drink the most drunken beer in the craft beer segment: the IPA. Our hop-forward IPA’s should be drunk as soon as possible. Within ours of filling the bottle is best of course, but a bit unrealistic… (unless you come to our bar or taproom of course!) but within days or a few weeks, that is a huge step in the right direction fellow Dutchies!

Uiltje means in Dutch “little owl” and was picked on purpose. As the brewers say: “Our mission is pretty much monomaniacal: to brew f*cking good beer. We call it craft-y beer because the owl’s got a sharp, uncompromised tongue and a penchant for mischief.” Uiltje represents the vibrant and fresh craft beer scene in the North, with new beers coming out every month and various styles to illustrate their skills.

India Pale Ale is believed to come from England, when colonies (like India) could not get fresh beer from the “metropole”. Back in the days, long transportation by boat was taking months and beer was spoiled by the weather and the heat. Some brewers used the conservative vertue of hops to charge their beer and make it still drinkable at the edge of the world.


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