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Mike & Becky India 70% with Forastero intercropped with fruits and spices from High Range Organic Producers Society. Organic, gluten free and from direct trade.

“While researching we came across the ‘bean-to-bar’ movement: artisan chocolate production with full control over the process, quality beans, less sugar and no nonsense added. We checked again: the Bean-to-Bar wave seemed to have missed Belgium. There were very few producers and we found only one (!) shop in the whole kingdom where to buy award-winning international bars. Seriously, should we do something about it? For us, Bean-to-Bar means to reduce sugar wherever possible. That is easy when working with fine cacao, which is expensive, especially when fair or directly traded. But that was essential to us: no children should work on the plantations and the farmers should be remunerated fairly for the great job they are doing. We wanted a sustainable relationship with the plantations. Wherever possible we are using the organic version of the ingredients: cacao beans, sugar, cacao butter, milk powder. And no nonsense like vanilla, palm oil, or soy lecithin. Typical ingredients used by the multinational industry to mask bad beans, cut costs or speed up the process. We also wanted to be a transparent company: we invite our customers to take a look into our machines, watch us at work. We share our philosophy and concept with anybody who asks.”

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