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Giardiniera Iberico- May 2021

Contenant: Carotte, Onion, leak, paprika, radish, celeri, smoked paprika, wild oregano, chili flakes, salt.
Story: Our giardiniera is based on a traditional italian way of conserving vegetables of the season that just passed. When we have lots of different vegetables we chose often to make an ode to this way of conserving. The iberico touch was first used in a smoked kimchi and was shared by Ana who collaborated with us for a while. Now we remixed it with the giardiniera of the moment to give you a nice little smokey taste.


Curtido – April 2021

Contenant: white cabbage, garlic, carrots, red peppers, coriander, salt
Story : The curtido is a central american ferment that resembles the sauerkraut but has a much more fresh take by adding different types of peppers , carrote and herbs. It is a slighlty younger ferment too. It now became a staple of our production.




Acid Black Kimchi – May 2021

Contenant: Red Cabbage, black garlic, leak, carotte, ginger, smoked peppers, salt, kimchi juice, appels, beer vinegar,
Story: When we add acid on any of our products we want to give away that we fermented it much longer. Instead of a couple of weeks we are closer too a couple of months. It becomes therefor more acid. This is our variation of the black kimchi created last year in memory of the dark year that was 2020!


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