Jambe d’érable


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Jambe d’Érable is born out of a collaboration with Liquid Riot in Portland, Maine, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their bar, the famous Novare Res Bier Café. It’s a strong Tripel (10% abv), refermented with Brettanomyces and maple syrup that was harvested and dried over there by friends. It matured at the brewery for 8 months at low temperature. Its colour is copper-blond, its foam is dense and creamy. The nose is marked by the Brettanomyces, together with notes of red fruits and candied pineapple, everything together forming a winey ensemble. In the mouth the winey character is amplified and made rounder by a malty note and delicate flavours of maple syrup, as well as a floral touch. We feel, then, the warmth of the alcohol, and a slight sweetness. The ensemble is balanced by a long-lasting, powerful bitterness, completed by a very fine acidity.


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