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Hop’Nuuzel is a “Brux’hell” Lemon Ale brewed by Nanobrasserie de l’Ermitage for Jyve’s 30th birthday (our dear friend from de Gele Poraa). “T’as vu ce citronnier fieu? Ouais… Tich’ ça rentrera jamais dans la bouteille…” This unique batch is very bitter with a little zesty touch coming at the end. Lemon is getting stronger at each sip, making this beer a nice refreshment.

Nanobrasserie de l’Ermitage, based next to Cantillon and Brussels South train station, is the project of Nacim, Henri and François. Three friends who started home-brewing while studying in Flagey (still Brussels). The core range is built around hoppy and light beers like Lanterne (pale ale), Noire du Midi (hoppy porter) or Théorème de l’Empereur (jasmin tea pale ale) but the brewery is very active and has new creation every month. Make sure to visit the place, to enjoy a local taproom or having a glimpse to the brewer’s room.

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