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Framboisette 2016 is a fruit sour beer from Birrificio Stradaregina (Italy), using organic raspberries and aged at least 8 months in wooden barrels.

The brewery Stradaregina was born from the passion for the craft beer of the two partners Sabatini Alessio and Andrea Branchini. The careful research and selection of ingredients, the particular attention devoted to the production process and the continuous evolution of the recipes make the beer Stradaregina pleasant and very nice to drink. All beers are top-fermented and are naturally refermented in bottles and casks. Some of the beers are aged in oak barrels that give features and unique flavor to the finished product. To date, the brewery is divided into two distinct branches, one dedicated to the various top-fermented brewers styles and one for the production of Lambic-style beers. All of our sour spontaneously fermented are the result of a minimum blend two beer vintages aged in barrels for one to three years, with some of the blend proposed is then added fresh fruit, others flowers, others are a mixture of three different vintages without further additions. A subsequent long aging in barrels and in bottle completes the maturation of our products.

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