Fermenthings #ontour: Kimchi Party @ Green Lab


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Fermenthings is going #ontour for a couple of months before entering their new space at Be-Here
We decided to go visite some of the most interesting producers, spaces and restaurant that like to work with Fermentation and share our common love for good products.

The first place we will visit in 2019 is Green Lab, a renowned coctail Bar that isn’t affraid to experiment with fermented juices.
Together we launch the Kimchi Party concept. A collective take on the fabrication of Kimchi!

Do you know the korean cousin of our beloved Sauerkraut? Made with cabbage, but also lots of other vegetables! And spices… Hundreds of different spice mixes. Belonging to a long tradition and history in both South and North Korea: kimchi is really worth the discovering. Not only spicy, this home-made fermentation is also sweet, salty, good for your tummy and delicious. Our workshop will teach you how to select your spices, create a fermentation pasta and make your first kimchi. We will go through the bases and make a collective pot of 20kg of kimchi.

For 15 euro you get
– an introduction course to Kimchi
– some tasters of different types of kimchi
– after 4 weeks of fermentation: a kg of the collective Kimchi production

We are preparing some experimental cocktail with Green Lab around Kimchi and will let you know more in the future about this.


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