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In the history of the food preparation ferment is absolutely one of the oldest and most important themes. Fermentation is used by people all over the world for centuries, consciously or unconsciously; Sometimes we just forget that that is what actually happens with certain products. The first fermentation attempts had aimed to preserve food, but then followed the pleasant discovery that this technique also spectacular taste sensations on could supply. Of course, this data offers a range of possibilities within the fine cuisine. Heiko Abbasi has been years with all the exciting ins and outs of the fermentation technique. He belongs not only to the best chefs of Germany, but is known that he liked experimenting with promising techniques and ingredients. He looks at his quest not only to the future; old traditions are sometimes at least as promising – especially if they are with a new look. Along with molecular biologist Dr. Michael Podvinec he sought for this book the theory and practice of fermentation to the bottom of. The introduction to the theory of the ferment in this book gives sufficient basic knowledge to with the recipes of Heiko Abbasi to get started. These are far removed from the usual, daily dishes; they open new perspectives thanks to the fermentation of vegetable, fruit, fish, meat, cereals, milk and beverages. The recipes are accompanied by the beautiful pictures of Thomas Ruhl, who for years and years to the best food photographers in the world.

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