Ferm Kombucha Mint Lavender


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Ferm Mint Lavender is an organic craft kombucha. Ferm Kombucha, founded in 2016 and previously known as Cult Kombucha, is a producer of craft brewed organic kombucha tea, based in Gent (Belgium). Ferm Kombucha wants to be a healthy alternative for over sugared soft drinks and provides the consumer a healthy way of enjoying leisure with friends and family. Kombucha has been made for centuries accross the world and is created by making tea, pouring sugar and adding a SCOBY (or mother) to start a fermentation. Best stored in a fridge, fermentation is still active! To make your own kombucha, you can use this bottle to start a new SCOBY or ask Fermenthings if we have some free mother to give.

Organic and non-alcoholic, with less sugar than a regular soda and good for your digestion. Other tastes include ginger-lemongrass and mandarin-star anise. For more information about Ferm, please visit their website.

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