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Belgoo Saisonneke Bio is the organic version of the classical Belgoo Saison, brewed by Belgoo in Belgium. Light and blond, this beer follows a tradition some brewers think is strongly connected to the Hainaut province and North of France. Back in the days, farmers needed beer with low alcohol and more cereals to quench their thirst after some hard-working days under the sun. Crispy and strong on the cerals, this Saisonneke will pair well with white meat, strong fish like salmon or sausages. Think also of other preparation like bread, hamburgers or cakes (but definitely not your average breakfast).

The Belgoo beers are handcrafted high fermentation beers. With a mixture of different types of grains as barley, wheat, spelt and oats, and a well dosed amount of hops, we produce 6 different, well balanced beers, each one with a distinctive  character.

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