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Belgoo Bio Amber is a brown organic beer brewed with three grains (barley, what, spelt) by Belgoo brewery (Belgium). Sweet but not heavy, perfect with a lot of dishes! Roasted meat, poultry, beef stew, steaks will gain more flavors in association with this amber beer. Do not forget abbaye cheeses as well or strong salads and even light desserts. Fermented in the bottle, unfiltered and with no chemical additives. Pours hazy dark golden/light amber with a big, frothy, off-white head. The aroma contains bread, barley, grain, hay, rye, grass, herbs, some grapes (white wine). It tastes medium grainy/hay-like bitter and light berry-like sour; almost no sweetness. Dry, grainy, grassy finish. Medium body, slick texture, fizzy to lively carbonation.

The Belgoo beers are handcrafted high fermentation beers. With a mixture of different types of grains as barley, wheat, spelt and oats, and a well dosed amount of hops, we produce 6 different, well balanced beers, each one with a distinctive  character.

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