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Abstraction is a juicy india pale ale, brewed by Tanker Brewery (Estonia). Abstraction is removing all parts that aren’t necessary to show the essential features of an idea. We brewed our version to be keep the essence of our award winning hoppy beer Hallucination. We reduced the alcohol content and the bitterness and kept all of the hoppy, juicy, freshness that we love so much. The result is a super juicy and refreshing 5.5% pale ale that is perfect as the days get warmer and longer. Cheers!

India Pale Ale style’s origin is connected to England’s colonisation. At the time, beer produced in England was shipped to various colonies (including India) aboard sailing ships. Travel time and conditions (heavy sun, humidity) were a huge problem for beer quality. Using more hops as a conservative was the solution for shipping beer to colonies. This new style became quickly very popular in India and then in Europe.

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