[13/08] Cheese and Latvian Cider pairing: Cideris & Fermenthings present Abavas

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While still having the shop we met the people behind the webshop Cideris and their wonderful work to import quality cider to Belgium. When we tasted for the first time the Latvian ciders from Abavas we were stunned! We are reconstructing this tasting experience, this time with you all. And on top of that we will select 5 cheeses to go with it! An from Cideris will be there to tell her story about cider and what Abavas is all about.

The concept:

5 ciders from Abavas
5 cheeses that will be revealed later
1 introduction course into pairing.

In this pairing workshop you will learn about the different cider styles and cheeses and how particular taste goes well together. It will be up to you to find the best combo and argument why it tastes so good together after we shared the theory.

Price: 25 p.p
Date: 13 august at 19h30 till 21h30
Language: French, Dutch, English


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