[17/02] Workshop Kombucha brewing


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We know you were waiting for this one, and now we’re able to offer it in our program.
A couple of weeks ago our Atelier got the visit of a new brewer in town: Goutzi Kombucha wants to bring high quality Kombucha to the city with lots of real fruits & well selected ingredients. He’s launching his crowdfunding campaign really soon, so don’t forget to follow him!
From there he became our upstairs neighbor and we started looking at the possibility of workshops, to share the knowledge of Kombucha.
On the 17th the first workshop will happen and you will get an introduction course to Kombucha & go home with a baby scoby to start your own cultivation!
General info:
– Prix: 35 euro
– Date: 17 Februari
– Heure: 19h – 22h
– Lieu: Be-Here, rue Diedonné Lefevre 4, 1020 Laeken

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