[05/08] Fermentation | Degustation: Cider 1.0.1


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Fermentation | Degustation is a bimonthly get together for people who want to explore the realm of beverage fermentation from around the globe. Every two weeks we will sample a certain theme, dive deep into it’s creation, gather stories from the producers and have a great moment describing what we taste. The aim is to get you out of your comfort zone, make you acquainted with new types of ferment, or discover new producers.

Cider 1.0.1:

While the beer craft scene is exploding, the craft cider world is just softly emerging, but is nonetheless as captivating. In this tasting session we will show you the versality of what cider has to offer: From the French farm style to the Irish keived ciders, passing through lesser known cider countries as Latvia or Luxemburg, we will explore the vast principles of cider making and have you become a cider geejk too!

Five to Seven tasters depending on the group & thematics
Small zero waste snacks in between tasting
Max 15 participans,
informal but instructive tasting for 1.5h
Price 20 euro
Start: 05 August – 19h


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