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Direct fair trade coffee Konga from Ethiopia (Yirga-cheffe 1) and roasted by OR Coffee in Belgium. Bergamot and floral notes with a high acidity and silky body. Beans washed and adviced for filter coffee machines (but can also be done with any other kind of coffee making machines). Coffee production in Ethiopia is a longstanding tradition which dates back to dozens of centuries. Ethiopia is where Coffea arabica, the coffee plant, originates. The plant is now grown in various parts of the world; Ethiopia itself accounts for around 3% of the global coffee market. Coffee is important to the economy of Ethiopia; around 60% of foreign income comes from coffee, with an estimated 15 million of the population relying on some aspect of coffee production for their livelihood.

In 2001 specialty coffee was still unknown territory for most people. Nobody was talking about ‘single origin’ or ‘Direct Fair Trade’, but Tom Janssen had a dream. When he met his future wive Katrien Pauwels and shared his vision, she knew there was no way to escape from his passion for coffee and they started OR Coffee Roasters together. « At OR we roast with a Probat coffee roaster but the roasting itself happens manually. The roaster defines the temperature and roasting time based on origin and the processing mode of the green bean at the coffee plantation. The end goal (espresso or filter coffee) also influences his choices. »

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