Lactofermentation Passion & Chou Rouge


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Passion & Chou Rouge (passion fruit and red cabbage) made by Itinéraire Bis Gourmand (Dworp) using lacto-fermentation (spontaneaous fermentation starting with organic vegetables, water and salt). Pierre and Emilie started their company from their common love. They also had love for food and culinary traditions, Pierre working in restaurants and Emilie being from Poland. In Eastern Europe, as everywhere else before the fridge, fermentation was used to keep vegetables during winter. The typical sourness and healthy benefits is still well-known with sauerkraut or kimchi.

Products from Itinéraire Bis Gourmand can stay at least one year in your fridge. Many months if you open them. Kept out of the fridge, the fermentation process will start again and produce more acidic taste. Can be used in salad to replace the vinegar, in sauce and yaourt. If cooked, you will loose the good for your health bacterias. If mold appears on top of the product, just take it away and the product will remain edible and safe.

Itinéraire Bis Gourmand also teach fermentation in our shop. Check our agenda to see if there is an upcoming event at Fermenthings!

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